Only 61% of murders end with the arrest of the killer.

Only 34% of rape cases are closed each year.

Only 12% of motor vehicle theft cases are closed.

Only 29% of robberies cases are closed each year.

Only 52% of aggravated assault cases end with an arrest.

Only 13% of burglary cases are closed.

/// is an innovative security company that will change all this.

We will improve security in cities by installing millions of affordable security cameras covering 100% of the city.

Moscow, London, Beijing, Taiyuan, Wuxi all use widely deployed CCTV systems that dramatically reduce crime rates.

Moscow reported a 25% fall in its overall crime rate and a 70% fall drop in burglaries and murders after using this type of system for 1 one year.

London reported a 25% drop in homicides based on this system, recording its lowest rate ever in 2019. This trend has continued in London for three years straight.

Seoul has 100% camera coverage and registers only 800 criminal cases per year. More than 9.7 million citizens of Seoul enjoy life without any crime.


Lower crime levels have a tremendous impact on the economy. For example, every murder case costs around $2 million to solve. It includes the cost of the life of the murdered person, the cost of the investigation, and the cost of putting the killer into prison for 14 years or more. In the US, murders alone cost the national economy $32Bn annually. Researchers believe that CRIME IN THE US COST MORE THAN $3.41 TRILLION annually – 3 times more than all military spending!

When CCTV systems are in place, citizens spend much less on locks, fences, security guards, insurance premiums, their police force, and the damages resulting from a crime. Lower crime rates help cities prosper. Safer cities attract wealthy residents and new businesses.



1) Cameras have proven to prevent criminal cases in many cities.

2) Cameras are great for helping to close cases. The system provides criminal investigators with much more data. For example, Moscow reported that more than 80% of cases have now been closed with cameras’ help.

3) Some types of crime – like selling drugs on the street, prostitution, robberies, and burglaries – stop almost immediately


Every corner, every street.

Allows tracking every criminal.




Every camera is available online and keeps records for up to 1 month.

///Our system cover 100% of the city with two types of cameras

Solar-powered cameras.

These cameras take photos or record short videos of everything they see. They are affordable , solar-powered, and will work for 10 years.

Nodes with 4 integrated cameras for crossroads.

These are permanently connected to electric power and have an internet connection. They provide a WiFi network for their solar cameras, have 2 or 4 night vision cameras that continuously monitor traffic, and provide the AI needed to track people and vehicles. 





///AI helps protect the privacy and makes things easier for police officers


AI makes it possible to track criminals from the crime scene to their house because it follows a person from one camera to another. AI tracking of people and cars makes the searching process much easier for police officers. This system can track people and events before the incident occurs, so that we can find accomplices.

AI system build to protect the privacy of citizens. Police officers have limited access to the camera feeds and recordings.

/// is an ESG-minded and social-oriented business.

We create safety, a benefit that every member of society can enjoy.

All of the cameras we plan to produce should work for at least 10 years. It will be possible to easily install new components on-site and new software via the internet. 

We’re open to any investors – cities, the federal government, private investors who agree that our mission of making cities safer is vital for society. We strongly believe that the future lies in preventing crime – and our systems are the perfect tool for it.

We’re looking for cities that are interested in installing test zones and seeing how our system performs.

We will install a test zone that will greatly increase security and decrease the number of criminal cases.

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