PGCAM can solve up to 80% of criminal cases by tracking criminals


Currently, only 0.7% of car thief cases are closed by CCTV, with a total rate of 13% nationally. And these numbers are low for any type of criminal cases – current CCTV helps very rarely.

PGCAM  covers 100% of city and able to track criminals from accident to their current location. PGCAM tracks criminals from one camera to another, starting with camera which see an accident. 

Keeping recordings for months allows us to find anyone later, so nobody would escape responsibility.  















 More than 10 cities already using technology behind PGCAM


Moscow, London, Seoul, Mexico, Taiyuan,  Beijing, Wuxi,  Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Harbin and Chengdu are first cities which have CCTV system which cover most of city and allow tracking criminals. Lets explore their systems and compare it to the latest technology available.

London experience with 100% CCTV coverage

London invested $500M over 10 years to build a full coverage system. Building of such a system dramatically changed criminal landscape  of London. 50% decrease in murders and some other type of crimes. 70% of cases are now could be closed with help of a camera. 

London system is the oldest with an average cost of camera around 1000$ and only 20% of cameras are connected to one data center. This is a huge problem – every time police should check most of the cameras manually.

PGCAM cameras are always connected

Our system is designed to give every camera 24/7 access to our cloud, so police or our researchers can immediately access any camera archive.  If one of our cameras stops sending data to the cloud within 15 minutes we will send a technician to fix it.

Moscow experience

Moscow experience

Moscow started to develop their system for about 7 years. Moscow systems consist of several types of cameras- highway and street cameras connected to cloud and offline cameras integrated into each door in apartment complexes. Cameras integrated in each door proven their efficiency – they can identify who was entering or exiting apartments and when.

Systems become so effective that now up to 80% of criminal cases are closed with help of cameras. Crime rates compared to 20 years ago fall down by more than 70%, making Moscow one of the safest cities in the world.


PGCAM cameras covers not only streets but give a view of buildings, which significantly help in closing cases.

Our system is designed to identify who was entering and exiting a buildings. Cameras has huge wide angle lenses to be able to control not only streets but also observe buildings. This is as proven by Moscow experience allows identify criminals efficiently. 

Mexico experience

Mexico has installed 30 000 cameras which cover around 70 percent of city. The system sends video streams from each camera by the mobile network. The whole system is very expensive because each camera needs a 2 MBs connection to the server and this connection cost around 25$ per month, the whooping the total cost of using 750$k per month just for communication.

Saving this amount of data also leads to 100$k cost in the server capacities every month, so Mexico is limited to save recordings only for one month.




PGCAM system efficiently minimizes traffic and the cost of running the system every month

PGCAM system is built to minimize the cost of running the system each month.
Cameras connecting to the server by Wi-Fi mech network consisting of high-powered Wi-Fi routers and ethernet connections. The average cost of connection for each camera is lower than 3$ per month including data center services. This allows even cities with budget constraints use this kind of system

Most cost-effecient system on the planet.





London system cost around $1000 per camera including connection and installation, PGCAM offers cameras for less than $70 which includes to connection to our cloud.

PGCAM is installed on current light poles, so our system is covering the city is 10 times effecient than system in London.

360 degrees cameras attached to light poles.

These cameras take photos or record short videos of everything they see. They are affordable and will work for 10 years. Installed on every light pole and connected to one AI cloud, they are an effective solution to crime.

/// is an innovative security company that will improve security in cities by installing millions of affordable security cameras covering 100% of the city.

Moscow, London, Beijing, Taiyuan, Wuxi all use widely deployed CCTV systems that dramatically reduce crime rates.

Moscow reported a 25% fall in its overall crime rate and a 70% fall drop in burglaries and murders after using this type of system one year.

London reported a 25% drop in homicides based on this system, recording its lowest rate ever in 2017. This trend has continued in London for three years straight.

Seoul has 100% camera coverage and registers only 800 criminal cases per year. More than 9.7 million citizens of Seoul enjoy life without any crime.


Lower crime levels have a tremendous impact on the economy. For example, every murder case costs around $2 million to solve. It includes the cost of the life of the murdered person, the cost of the investigation, and the cost of putting the killer into prison for 14 years or more. In the US, murders alone cost the national economy $32Bn annually. Researchers believe that CRIME IN THE US COST MORE THAN $3.41 TRILLION annually – 3 times more than all military spending.



Cameras have proven to prevent criminal cases in many cities and great for helping to close cases. The system provides criminal investigators with much more data. For example, Moscow reported that more than 80% of cases have now been closed with cameras’ help.

///Our operators and AI do an advanced search for police officers


Our operators and AI makes it possible to track criminals from the crime scene to their house because it follows a person from one camera to another. This system can track people and events before the incident occurs, so that we can find accomplices.

Our system build to protect the privacy of citizens. 

/// is an ESG-minded and social-oriented business.

We create safety, a benefit that every member of society can enjoy.

All of the cameras should work for at least 10 years. It’s possible to easily install new components on-site and new software via our cloud. 

We’re open to any cooperation with cities, the federal government, and companies who agree that our mission of making cities safer is vital. We strongly believe that the future lies in preventing crime – and our systems are the perfect tool for it.

We’re looking for cities that are interested in installing test zones and seeing how our system performs.

We will install a test zone that will greatly increase security and decrease the number of criminal cases.

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